Please read these terms and conditions throughly. If you can't agree or comply with these terms and conditions, you may not use any of Runenames' Services in any manner.

Anyone within the Discord needs to follow discords terms of service and community guidelines. Anyone violating these, will be kicked, and multiple offences will result in a permanent ban.


We cannot be held liable for anything that occurs after the name is on your account. This includes account bans, or loss of name through deletion, hacks, or any other means. I do not hold responsibility if I am not transferring the name for you. If you of course do not receive your name or your name transfer service, you are entitled to a full refund. This also goes if the name is sniped while we transfer it to your account. You here are also entitled to a full refund.

Processing Payments:

Runenames uses stripe as our primary payment processor. Delays me be experienced with authentication and payment processing. There may be delays in delivering the order. The payment needs to be cleared in order for us to deliver your product. This is in place to prevent fraud.


Once a chargeback is initiated once a product has been delivered, we will use the information within the purchase to dispute it, the nearest law enforcement wihin the user committing fraud will be contacted by Runenames.

We take multiple precautions to prevent fraud. At no time is a potential customer permitted to use a VPN, Proxy, Remote Server (RDP's or VPS') to circumvent their identity or mask it. This is in place to prevent fraud.


Certain payment methods will require further information. The information that we could potentially need depends on the user. This information is only used to prevent fraud of any kind. If you are unable to provide this information, we have the right to refuse service. It must be agreed that this inforamtion is kept in our records to further prevent fraud. Information potentially requested can include

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • A photo or video of your passport or ID
  • A photo or video of you holding your passport or ID

You accept that giving us this information listed above, that you accept the information is true and correct at the time of your submission.

Product Delivery:

In no circumstance will we ever ask for a name or any sort of currency back. If you want to sell something back use "Sell a Name." After the agreed upon products are delivered, the product is considered complete and cannot be canceled or refunded.

Order Details:

You are responsible for giving us accurate payment information. Failing to do so will result in us reserving the right to cancel your order.

Service or Product Denial:

Any information discussed throgh the live chat, discord, email, or any other form of communication with Runenames is considered nonproprietary unless another agreement has been made prior.