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This information is used for us to assist in providing our services in a timely manner. Traffic behavior is monitored upon vising

  1. Geographical Location + IP Address
  2. Email Address and Product Details
  3. Device Information, IE: Browser Type, Website Interaction, and Device
  4. Referral Source
  5. Live Chat + Discord Transcripts
  6. Information gathered from promotions
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Login Information & Passwords

Information given to us for name transfers and sales are transferred to the worker assigned to it, in a secure and encrypted manor. Once the product has been delivered or the service completed, we require the customer to change their password. The previous information given is then terminated and not stored. This service and delivery of the product is defined as providing their virtual login information. This is to complete the service or product delivery. These tasks take time and the customer will be in communication with the worker. The time can vary that it takes. The client can be logged in game, but the customer should not change their name under any given circumstances. The customer will also not change their password. This is to ensure no hinderance occurs while the service is being completed. Once the service or product delivery is completed, we will communicate it to the customer via their preferred contact methods.

KYC ( Know Your Customer )

To minimize the risk of fraud, we may ask for government ID in order to confirm a purchase. We may ask for proof of owning a debit, credit, and bank account in which is being used to purchase a product. We will only use the ID to prove the order went through, to prevent fraud, and if requested by law enforcement. If personal information is given to law enforcement, we will ensure communicate this with the user in question with contact methods provided to us by them.


When using, you understand that you are giving your consent for data to be used in all sections. Any customer has the write to their data and what has been logged. We also use cookies to store data of your past ventures on

Third Party Websites

Our website, in some cases, will link to third party websites. We are not responsible for the actions in which any website other than in a part of. This is to track the user if they leave the site and are unable to directly contact them.