Question Answer
Is Name Trading Against The Rules? No. Jagex have stated this multiple times as long as it just involves RSGP. So if this concerns you, make sure to purchase a name with RSGP.
How Do You Transfer a Name To My Account? I do the transfer via the Runescape Website to your account. I will need access only on the webpage. You can stay logged in the entire time. The reason for this is due to name sniping bots, transferring in game is NOT an option. I take full responsibility if I lose the name to a sniping bot. I have not lost a single name in 2021, transferring over 300 this year.
Can I pay using Real Life Currencies for names? If so what payment types? Yes. We do offer many different Payment Methods such as Credit/Debit Card through Stripe and almost every Cryptocurrency is accepted in conjunction with current Rates.
If I am sensitive about giving away my Runescape information, is there another option of doing the transfer? As of recently yes. I can transfer the name to you via Parsec. Keep in mind there will be an extra fee as this is extra risky and suspectable for name snipes to occur, in which obviously I am taking responsibility.
How do I view the High Tier Rare Name List? Proof of funds of some sort must be shown. An example of this can be your RS bank/irl portfolio screenshots. The proof will be kept confidential and must be shown in direct contact with us either through Live Chat, Discord, or Telegram. This is done to protect us from Name Snipers and Hackers.
Do you Buy Names? Yes, Message Live Chat, or contact Bold/Assassin directly through discord or telegram.
Can I Request a Name? Yes you can ask through Live Chat or Message Bold/Assassin Directly through Discord or Telegram. Keep in mind the chance of us having a specific name you want is unlikely. The best thing you can really do is add them in game and hope they log in so you can ask them if they are willing to sell.
Why Are Name So Expensive? Rare Names have become a lot harder to find in the last few years. Many are permanently banned and cannot ever be retrieved, many are sniped, and many are on long lost accounts. As of now Jagex does not plan to ever do another Name Release thus making Names extremely desirable and unobtainable.
Can I Do The Name Transfer Myself? Every name that is just a little rare are targeted by snipe bots. NEVER move a name yourself especially if its worth over 100m. Even < 100m names are sniped. Enquire with me first before trying to move a name, only some 3 chars and letters will not be targeted! If you transfer a name yourself and take the risk, I do not hold responsibility.
I have the name "(insert rsn here)" Does it have any value? You can inquire via Live Chat or message Bold/Assassin directly via Discord or Telegram get a quick evaluation. Keep in mind we do buy names and may make you an offer!