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Beware that I have many impersonators that will DM you as soon as you arrive. Remember that I will never message you first. My Discord Tag is BOLD#1019 and my unique ID is 579350978860548117. The Discord ID can be faked, but the unique ID can NEVER be fabricated. You WILL get added by someone that looks like me, please do not fall for this. The only way to verify a name is legit is through a PM in game. Any other way isn't good enough and scammers take advantage of this.

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A reminder that anyone joining my server needs to follow Discord's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service along with the general server rules. Anyone breaking this will be kicked and potentially banned upon frequent offences. Here are links for you to familiarize yourself with them.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy your time here, and can join our wonderful community!

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