Trade names with confidence
Completed many transactions over the years including sales/rsn transfers/MMing, each has been successful with no problems. One transaction included $30k USD worth of trust and he nailed it.
Had nothing but good interactions with this guy, doesn't matter what was needed or when it was needed was always flawless and dealt with very high profile names and large sums of money without any hassle at all. has been a well-known, accredited and trusted facilitator of RuneScape in-game names for years. As a client of his since 2018, I've seen his business grow from a community of hundreds to the tens of thousands; it is no surprise as to why his clients keep on returning to his services...
I’ve personally known BOLD/Assassin for 4 years now, and he has transferred and dealt with every single one of my transactions regarding RuneScape names. This guy is the real deal, with me personally trusting him with hundreds of Bills through these years. Thanks for always being loyal